• LiDAR

    LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges to a target area. These light pulses combined with Orientation and GNSS position information generate precise, 3 dimensional information about the shape and the location of the target.
    We utilise the Routescene UAV LidarPod which comprises of sensor containing 32 lasers together with a survey grade GNSS/INS unit, firmware and software to create high definition terrain models.

    LidarPod Specifications

    A true 3D mobile LiDAR scanner that delivers unsurpassed image resolution.
    The HDL-32e collects 700,000 3D points per second.

    • 32 laser sensors / detector pairs
    • Class I eye safe
    • 905 nm wavelength
    • Time of flight distance measurement with intensity
    • 700,000 3D points per second


    Maximum range: 100 m with range accuracy of < 20 mm
    10 Hz frame rate (user selectable)

    Field of View: 360° vertical and 41° horizontal
    Angular resolution (vertical): 1.33°

    Shock: 500 m/sec2 amplitude, 11 msec duration
    Environmental Protection: IP67


  • Techniques

    Aerial Survey

    We offer airborne photography and video services utilising our Inspire 1 pro and Phantom 4 UAV platforms, equipped with cameras shooting up to 4k video and 16mp in DNG RAW.
  • Photogrammetry

    We are able to provide photogrammetry services utilising our Inspire and Phantom UAV platforms in conjunction with Drone deploy and PIX 4d.

  • Equipment

    Vulcan Raven X8

    • Dji A3 Flight controller with Light Bridge 2
    •  3 x 8500mah batteries giving endurance circa 20 mins
    •  Operational weight 20 kg (with LiDAR payload)
    •  Parachute system
    •  8 x high voltage KDE motors and carbon fibre 27.5 inch


    • Zenmuse X5 Camera
    •  4 k Video
    •  16mp DNG RAW
    •  Dual operator system
    •  TB47 Batteries giving endurance circa 15 mins


    • 4k Video at 30 fps full HD 1080p at 120fps
    •  Obstacle detection
    •  Intelligent flight battery giving up to 28 mins endurance